Allergy awareness and management in schools

Two new and significant pieces of guidance for the management of allergies in schools have recently been published, along with new legislation for legislation for food labeling regarding food allergens which directly impacts schools and school catering services.

Following a review of academic literature The European Academy for Allergy and Clinical Immunology (EAACI) have published guidelines for schools that emphasise the need for age-specific, whole school, allergy-aware management policies on the basis that simply banning food allergens, such as nuts, is not a risk-free solution.

Additionally, the Department for Education (DfE) has updated its managing medicines in schools guidance.

As part of a multi-agency project, HET are now working with secondary schools to transform these authoritative guidelines into a school friendly format that is accessible and usable.

By collaborating with partners who have expertise in the field of allergy we are supporting pilot schools to set up a School Allergy Action Group (SAAG) and develop appropriate policy and procedures.

The Allergy UK website will publish the tools and resources, developed as part of this pilot, to support other secondary schools to adopt the new allergy guidelines.

If you would like support to set up a School Allergy Action Group or audit where your school is in relation to the EAACI guidelines please get in touch to discuss how HET can support you.

The following charities and organisations make up the collaboration:

This project is funded by the American Peanut Council: