Staff Profiles

Marjon WillersMarjon Willers

Director – operations

Marjon is experienced working in schools to promote school meal take up and healthier food choices: since 2005 as a specialist dietitian for schools and early years as part of the Islington Health and Well-being Team and since 2008 for the Health Education Trust.  Marjon has spoken at national conferences and lectures at London Metropolitan and Kings College University. Marjon was also involved in the development of the Voluntary Food and Drink Guidelines for Early Year Settings in England in 2010. Marjon is trustee of First Steps Nutrition Trust.


Chandra Pankhania

Director – communications 

Chandra is a registered Nutritionist with a PGDip in Food Policy and is currently taking a MSc in Public Health Practice. She has been with the Health Education Trust since 2007,  previously working on the delivery of national public health programmes like 5-a-day and the National School Fruit and Vegetable Scheme.



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