Staff and trustees profiles

Staff Chandra Pankhania               Marjon Willers Marjon is a dietitian with over 15 years working with early years settings and schools across Islington and for Health Education Trust, starting with Food for Life partnership, developing resources and process to harness pupil voice to transform food culture. Marjon is an … Read more

Good nutrition in early years

Statutory framework for the early years foundation stage 3.48 states that “Where children are provided with meals, snacks and drinks, they must be healthy, balanced and nutritious.” Health Education Trust were commissioned by Greater London Authority Healthy Early Years Team to develop a set of resources and training materials to train staff at Local Education … Read more

Erasmus: Learn4Earth

Learn4Earth is an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership which includes 9 partners in total, representing 5 European countries: Denmark, Slovenia, United Kingdom, Spain, and Italy. Key Objectives: To develop key competencies in various sustainability-relevant subjects To support the testing of innovative practices to prepare children to become true factors of change To enhance teachers’ education and continuous … Read more