Staff Profiles

Our Staff Chandra Pankhania – director Chandra is a registered Nutritionist with a PGDip in Food Policy and is currently taking a MSc in Public Health Practice. She has been with the Health Education Trust since 2007,  previously working on the delivery of national public health programmes like 5-a-day and the National School Fruit and Vegetable … Read more

Erasmus: Learn4Health

Marjon presenting on Good Food Deal at a seminar at Better Food for More People

In the globalized food systems, consumers, especially children, are increasingly disconnected from the understanding of how and where their food is produced. This has an impact on eating habits and food choices that might affect health, the environment and other ethical dilemmas such as animal welfare and fair trade. Teaching children about food, health and … Read more

School Allergy Action Group

Joe Harvey, previous director of the Health Education Trust, wrote the first Managing Medicines in Schools guidance in 1999. Since then, the Department for Education (DfE) has updated the guidance with new additional regulations. The latest guidance by DfE, Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions, puts a duty on schools to provide appropriate support for … Read more

Transforming school food culture

The Health Education Trust developed the ‘whole school approach’ as a framework that guides the development of a healthy food culture in schools. This approach is endorsed by the head teacher, enshrined in the school development plan, and permeates the whole school experience. The approach ensures consistency: what is taught about food and healthy eating in … Read more

Our Work With Schools

Health Education Trust has been working with schools since it was set up in 1993. The main focus has been to engage with the whole school community to achieve change through development of a whole school policy and action plan. In relation to food, HET has been promoting the use of a School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG). SNAG … Read more